Ingrid Sacerio

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Gail Steinberg and Ingrid Sacerio, a real estate team in the Los Angeles luxury real estate market, sell homes from the Hollywood Hills to the Westside and all parts between. They have more than 32 years of experience between the two of them. Gail had successful careers in marketing, sales and merchandising before she switched to real estate. She has been married for more than 32 years and has a daughter who is a criminal defense attorney and a son who is attaining his master’s degree abroad. Ingrid was born in Spain, raised in Southern California and educated on both sides of the Atlantic. She holds a B.S. in neuroscience and an M.A. in education. She has been married for 15 years and has a 12-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter who attend school in the Valley.

What’s your #1 tool for marketing your business?
“Our clients are our #1 marketing tool. We provide a premier service tailored to each client’s needs, concerns and desires. We have pride in what we do and a passion for the business. Our satisfied clientele speak volumes. Positive word of mouth is our most effective marketing tool. Jay G. from Encino wrote, ‘Gail and Ingrid were fantastic from start to finish. They were fun, thorough and smart. And they were both graceful and tireless in their determination to get every last thing right. The great thing about having a team is that if one wasn’t unavailable, the other one was. They always made sure that someone was getting back to us and getting things handled. They work seamlessly together. We love Gail and Ingrid! We recommend them wholeheartedly and will never work with anyone else.’”

Tell us about some of your achievements in your industry.
“Experience and passion are the two words that best describe our team. Our hard work, business savvy and creative strategizing have earned us the highest level of respect among our peers. We have consistently been #1 company-wide since 2013, President’s Council members, Award of Excellence recipients and in the Wall Street Journal’s top 250 agents nationwide.”

What distinguishes you as a top professional in your field?
“Our professional experience and competence ensure only the smoothest of transactions and closings. Our reputation is recognized and respected in all corners of the industry. Anna L. from Studio City wrote, ‘Ingrid and Gail sold me this property originally, and I was very impressed with them from the perspective of being on the other side of the purchase deal. I can’t think of agents who have a more impressive combination of professionalism, poise, caring and—when needed—determination. My sales experience with Gail and Ingrid was absolutely outstanding. They were incredible advocates, and I felt protected and skillfully guided through the entire process. They are detail-oriented and tireless workers—and they consistently go above and beyond to close the deal that’s in the best interest of their clients!’”

How do you make each client feel important? 
“Every client’s vision is unique, and each family wants to make a house their dream home. We take the time to know our clients on a personal level, understand their needs and wants and turn that into a reality. We get to know their families, their children, their habits and lifestyles. Our greatest assets are our passion and vision. We know how to find the perfect place for our clients’ lives to evolve and grow.”

What are your guiding principles in your daily work? 
“Passion, detail, expertise and persistence guide our day-to-day efforts. These qualities of our work ethic and business acumen consistently produce professional and well-executed deals.”

Why are you passionate about the field of real estate?
“We are passionate about helping people realize their hopes and dreams. Finding a house is not just about quantity of bedrooms or square feet; it’s about that special place where memories are made, where children grow up and where one ultimately calls home. Finding that perfect place is one of the most important journeys of our clients’ lives.”

Why should potential clients trust you to do the best job for them? 
“We have seen and dealt with every possible situation in real estate. We have an in-depth understanding of the climate of the market, the trends and the inventory. Our unparalleled service, network of real estate relationships and tenacity lets our clients know they are in the best possible hands. We always endeavor to acquire the most intricate understanding of our clients’ needs, wants and concerns.”

Fast Fact: Gail and Ingrid have been the #1 agents company-wide since 2013.

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